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All Abilities is an All-Inclusive, Adaptive Training Program providing fitness classes to individuals of all ages and All Abilities. From children to adults, we have a variety of classes including Adaptive Fitness Programs for individuals with Autism and other special needs.

Our programs

We provide children and adults with Autism and other special needs a safe environment to have fun, and be successful with a fitness program.




One-on-One Personal Training to meet the athlete at their current fitness level. Exercises are selected to strengthen athletes overal functional fitness.




Adaptive group classes are designed specifically for individuals with special needs. Class sizes are small to allow us to focus on each athlete's indivual needs to assure they get the adequate support to be successful. Because consistency is often key for our athletes, our classes are designed to follow a consistent format that becomes familar overtime.

fitness classes

Our classes include a social component that make it more than just a fitness class. We take advantage of our small groups to incorporate social skills like turn taking, partnering with another athlete and general communication with each other. Many athletes enjoy the group conversateion and friendships made during our classes. Each class wraps up with a fun group activity, ensuring that everyone has a successful end to class.

Comillas Negras

""I liked participating in the workout class with All Abilities Fitness and it was a good workout."

-James F.

"I amactively trying to lose weight and the class really pushed me to keep going becasue it was so fun."

-Billy-Dale W.

""It was good! I'd do it again!"


"Even at 74 years old I had a great time doing this class."

- Sylvester P.

Comillas Negras

Contact us

Whitni Allen 903-293-6421

4023 Jefferson Ave.

Texarkana, AR, 71854

Email: AllAbilitiestxk@gmail.com​

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